Proton VPN

So what is a VPN?

VPN stands for a “Virtual Private Network.” These tools are used when you are trying to connect to the internet but may not be on a trusted wifi network. If you do most of your work at home or in an office on a secured network, you may not need a VPN. But if you ever go to coffee shops, coworking spaces, or – just hypothetically – your daughter’s dance class every Tuesday for an hour, a VPN could be a good way to be sure your network traffic is not being monitored.

If you are in the market for a VPN, Proton VPN is a great one to start with. Proton is a company that offers privacy-focused online services. In addition to their VPN they’re well-known for ProtonMail, an end-to-end encrypted mail service, so they’ve got the experience and company values you want from a privacy service.

Proton VPN is available for free with no ads and unlimited bandwidth, both great features from any company offering a free version of anything. They do also offer a paid VPN which allows protection for up to 10 devices, high-speed streaming, and access to move servers for protected connections. If you need to level up your device protection, Proton VPN at $4.99/mon (or $120 for 2 years!) is a great option.