Rise of the Machines: How Bots are Taking Over

You know what, folks? I’m sorry. That really is a super click-baity headline, isn’t it?

The bots ARE here – I wasn’t lying about that. Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t just lurking on the edges of the conversation anymore, it’s a fully-functioning tool for everyone on the web. And it CAN do many of the things that we generally think of as part of our jobs. In fact, it’s officially taking our jobs, according to IBM CEO Arvind Krishna

But does it WANT to take over? Nah, not really. It doesn’t want anything because it’s not self-aware. 


Apocalyptic humor aside, the wild potential of AI to improve all aspects of our lives cannot be ignored. Whether or not it is clear to you, AI tools either are or soon will be supporting everything from office logistics to medical care. And there are plenty of opportunities to put it to work for your team or small business.

Like coming up with a click-baity title for your email newsletter. [1]

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Tips & Tools

How many times have you started a meeting by playing Stone-Paper Scissors to see who had to take notes? 

Forget that – make the bot do it! The free version of Fireflies.ai can connect to your favorite meeting tool – Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams – and create automated notes. With a paid subscription you can get coverage for more meetings, plus full transcripts, data on keywords and topics, action items, and integrations with business tools.

Stat of the Week


According to TechJury [2], 77% of companies were either exploring or already using AI last year. 

Can’t wait to see that number for 2023.

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[1] – Newsletter title credit: https://chat.openai.com/ (with edits by a human)
[2] – https://techjury.net/blog/ai-statistics/