A Twitter Twit and worthy alternatives

Happy Tuesday!First, a bit of housekeeping. I have decided to deactivate my Twitter account for Marit Digital (@maritdigital). It’s been removed from my website and I’ll no longer be posting there. For my latest content please check out my LinkedIn and Instagram.

My Thoughts on the Twitters

I realize no one asked me, so please feel free to skip the following paragraphs and jump right into today’s tools and stats. No offense taken.

Urban Dictionary defines a “twit” as:

a person who goes on Twitter.

Or alternately:

someone who is a pompous idiot.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the two definitions have overlapped over the years, but never more so than in the recent months since the social media tool was purchased by Elon Musk. Despite Musk’s narcissistic tweeting and account labeling controversies, I would have remained with the platform. However last week Twitter made changes to its policies for applying warnings on hateful content. At the same time, they covertly removed a separate policy that protected transgender individuals from “targeted misgendering or deadnaming” (the practice of using a person’s name from before they transitioned). While I don’t intend to use this platform for political messaging, I do feel this behavior is highly questionable and not something I want my company to support. My Code of Conduct includes empathy and respect for individuals, and Twitter is not embracing those values at this time. 

Tips & Tools

This week I’m profiling the website https://alternativeto.net/ which provides alternatives to software and online tools.

Just an example – say you want to quit using Twitter and see what else is out there? Or maybe you’re tired of paying for Photoshop and you want to compare the oodles of other image editor options out there.

Take it for a spin and find your next great tool.

Stat of the Week


Percentage of internet users who access Twitter at least once a month. [1]

While it may have questionable practices, users are still on the platform. If you have a product or service that needs to be on Twitter you should be. I encourage you to use your voice for good.

My Recent Highlights from the Wire

[1] – https://www.searchlogistics.com/learn/statistics/twitter-user-statistics/

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