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Marit Digital helps small businesses and teams plan, implement, and improve the digital solutions that help them succeed.

Jen McFarland
Jen McFarland, Chief Boss Lady

What We Do

Marit Digital is innovating the way small businesses operate in the digital landscape.

We provide comprehensive services and strategic planning to effectively implement online tools and web resources, propelling your business to the forefront of your industry. From web hosting to AI investment to digital experience design, Marit Digital is your support partner in technology investment.

Power Hour

Grab 60 minutes to dig into one (or more!) of the following…

  • Google Analytics Basics
  •  Cookie Consent for Your Website
  •  Newsletter Signup Forms
  •  Password Manager Basics
  •  AI Use Cases and Habits
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The Digital Times

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As the sole person providing technical support for a well-established but small business with limited resources, Marit Digital provides expertise as well as an extra set of hands to ensure smooth operations.

Leslie Dare, DrBanjo

Jen gracefully handled the balance between implementing my customization requests and making sure I understood the implications in terms of maintenance requirements. She’s knowledgeable, insightful, and an absolute pleasure to work with.

John Martin,

Jen does great work. She takes care of issues quickly, and without needing extensive feedback. She’s been a great partner.

Kevin Carpenter, Porticos, Inc.

Jen was amazing and our partnership exceeded my expectations. I love my website. She has a great eye for design and knows all the backend tricks for websites and emails.

Karen D. Weeks, Shine at Work Coaching

The Blog

AI Use for Small Businesses

AI usage insights, search + AI, and a podcast performance!

Better Business

Yesterday I released my first Impact Report, spanning 2023-24.

April News Roundup

It’s April and the projects are in high gear. Let’s pause for a few tech topics to keep an eye on.

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