Text Blaze

The Best Thing Ever (this Week) is Text Blaze!

Text Blaze is a Chrome extension that allows user to configure short strings of characters to automatically be replaced by a longer block of text. This means that…


can instantly be replaced by

Jen McFarland

Or even more conveniently,


can instantly be replaced by

Hope this is helpful. Thank you for reaching out!

Full disclosure, I actually use another tool called Espanso for the same experience, which is a cross-platform option for those of you on Windows. It takes a bit more to configure, but does work in some interfaces that Text Blaze doesn’t. If you’re comfortable with that trade off, I encourage you to check it out. And big thank you to my friend Nick Young (one of my coconspirators of the original Best Thing Ever) for sharing Espanso with me!

Check out Text Blaze and Espanso in action and join me for Best Things Ever: Everyday Tech Tools to make life better this Thursday at Blush Cowork in Cary!

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