Short and Sweet

Most of us are familiar with link shorteners – the tools that convert a long URL into a short burst of characters. These tools have been around a long time and are an unheralded workhorse of digital life. 

Short links give you the chance to:

  • Put your brand in every share. I own and use that URL for all my short links.
  • Add UTM parameters or tracking text to get real data on where your links are popping up.
  • Create QR codes to go with your short links, making them even easier to use. 

As with many tech tools, the key to short links is remembering to use them. But taking the time to set up a domain and configure a good tool can yield tremendous rewards.

Here are some short link tools…

The Original

Cheap and easy to use, TinyURL is great for link-shortening basics.

The Upgrade

Make short links with your domain. Edit links, generate QR codes, and track usage long-term. And there’s a Chrome extension.

The Guardian

Verify a short link before you click on this site or use the Chrome extension for a quick check.

Full disclosure: I pay for Rebrandly. Ask me about it!

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