Welcome to spring! Time to clean.

Entropy. The natural, gradual decline into disorder.

Despite our best efforts tasks pile up like so much dust and the next thing you know we’re looking at a to-do list that’s miles long and filled with our least favorite things. Or, if you’re like me, that to-do list is tracked by leaving random tabs open indefinitely to remind you of some critical pending item to finish later (see the “Stat of the Week…”).

Springtime is the generally-acknowledged time to catch up and put things to right. And this is where I offer my help with your to-do list! No, I can’t do everything for you, but if there are tech tasks that you’ve been putting off because you aren’t sure how to tackle them, or need tips on the right tool, I can help!

“Get It Done” is a full day (7 hours) or half day (3.5 hours) of dedicated consulting time to work through your questions, settings, and set-ups. We’ll turn off all our interrupt-y devices and get those tech problems out of your way.

Tips & Tools

Yep, time for another Chrome extension.
There are dozens of options for managing your tabs and I’ll talk about more in the future but today it’s Tabmanager.io. Among its other features, TabManager.io will let you suspend tabs and restore them when needed. It also has an auto-save option for all open tabs in case of catastrophic failure.

Stat of the Week


The number of tabs I have open right now. Seriously.

More interesting is this stat from a 2010 Firefox report:

50% of participants used fewer than eight tabs, and only 25% of users had 11 or more tabs open. [1]

How did we do it?!

WRAL TechWire has a new writer

I’m proud and excited to announce that I’ve had the opportunity to begin writing for WRAL TechWire. Below are a couple of my recent stories and I’ll continue to add a couple to the newsletter each week. Keep an eye out for more!

[1] – https://slate.com/human-interest/2010/12/a-new-data-set-from-refox-reveals-our- browsing-habits.html