Welcome to Marit Digital

Welcome to Day One!

There’s lots that could be said about how I got here, and at some point more about that story and my past experiences will probably unfurl themselves in this blog. But for today we’ll simply say that this is a company created for three reasons.

  1. A desire to help people wrangle their technology.
    I see websites and communications all the time for great companies, great products, great services, that just need some help. I know I can help.
  2. Contributing to a great community and a great world.
    I didn’t want to be a cog in the capitalist machine that doesn’t always take time to examine the ramifications of how it makes its money. I’m hopeful this is an opportunity to help my community, and those trying to make the world a better place through their own small business ideas.
  3. Time
    Time with my kids, time for staying on top of all the chaos, and time for myself. The rigors of daily life can take a toll and sometimes it’s worthwhile to make do with less in exchange for some flexibility and personal peace.
Me and a kid

I have high hopes for what this company will be able to provide, and what it will allow me to do with my career. Check back for ideas, insights, or just updates on where Marit Digital goes from here.

Thanks for reading!