Summer Travel Tips Edition

The summer solstice is tomorrow, but let’s forgo the semantics and call it what it is: hot. Time to put your feet up and take a break with a cold beverage.

What’s that? You’ve committed yourself to the sweaty anxiety of summer travel? Well then, what you need are some helpful tools to get through this. Let’s look at a few, keeping in mind this is not your usual compliment of small biz, work-related, productivity tools. I will throw in some AI though (I CAN’T HELP MYSELF).

  • Furkot: This handy website can help you plan your road trips by staking out routes, entering stops, and investigating detours.
  • TripIt: This app stores your travel itinerary and flight information. Forward details and tickets – including boarding passes – to your device and keep everything a click away.
  • Roam Around: Yes, there are dozens of AI sites dedicated to travel planning. The best I’ve found so far is Roam Around, which managed to provide a useful, 5-day itinerary for the tiny no-stoplight town in Ontario that I’ll be visiting later this year.
  • Outdoorsy: Try a different kind of travel this summer! This site is the Air B&B for RVs. Pick-up is available at your destination or commit to the thrill of hauling someone else’s house behind you on I-95.
Bright faux RV in the desert, 50's style; courtesy of midjourney.
Faux RV, 50’s style, courtesy of Midjourney.

For the coming months, I will be backing off the usual routine of newsletters every 2 weeks and instead sending one per month. If you miss me, feel free to check out my monthly Office Hours at Blush Cowork, or grab some time on my calendar for a 1:1.

Happy summer, and wherever your adventures take you, I wish you relaxation and safe travels!

Tips & Tools

It’s summer – you need a good read. If you don’t have Libby on your devices, go get it. 

This app allows you to use your library card to borrow eBooks and audiobooks, all free. Yes, some books have a waitlist but it’s manageable. Reach out for tips but be warned: I’ll chat about books for days. 

Libby is available in the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore, or you can read on the website.

Stat of the Week

$1.2 trillion

The amount spent on travel in 2022. TRILLION.

The travel industry in the US directly employs 8 million people and generated $84 billion in state and local tax revenue last year. [1]

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