Summer Reading List

I love to read. And there’s so much good content out there, just not enough hours in the day.

Which is why summer is so nice! Vacation reading, sitting on the porch with a frosty drink. It’s a chance to dig into the backlog of books.

Full disclosure: what I’m including in this newsletter is not the summer’s best blockbuster or your next beach read. But they are great books, articles, and authors for getting good technology insights via small snippets or deep dives.

  • A Book Apart
    If you’re looking for more in-depth reading on the web, usability, and content strategy check out these books written and published by the folks behind An Event Apart. Lots of great topics, and discounts the more you buy!
  • Understanding Privacy
    This book from Smashing Magazine by author Heather Burns is an accessible approach to what can be a scary and stressful topic.
  • AI Insights
    Looking for the latest news on AI? Follow Ethan Mollick and/or Alex Banks for the latest and greatest.
    And if you’d like to chat about AI articles and insights, join me and my colleague Sarah Egan Warren for AI Café on July 28.
  • Morten Rand-Hendriksen
    Morten works and writes for LinkedIn, teaching classes and talking about digital accessibility, privacy, ethics, and so of course also AI.

Hope these bring you some interesting insights! And if you’re still hanging on hoping for a summer read, I’ll just say I have recently enjoyed Horse, by Geraldine Brooks, Symphony of Secrets, by Brendan Slocumb, and sci-fi readers might like The Murderbot Diaries, a series by Martha Wells.

Happy reading!

Tips & Tools

How many times have you read something insightful and thought, “I want to remember this!” and then immediately forgot about it?

Readwise is a tool for pulling together all your highlighted content and surfacing bits and pieces daily to help remind and inspire you. Connect Kindle highlights, social tools, and apps like Pocket and Instapaper.

And Readwise now has its own “Reader” for sorting and highlighting your favorite sources.

Stat of the Week


The percentage of technology experts who are “more concerned than excited” about the impact of recent digital trends like AI. [1]

Read my post in WRAL TechWire about the good vs. bad of AI advancements.

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