Site Refresh!

Anyone who works on websites knows that when you’re busy with other sites the last thing you want to think about is what’s lacking on your own site. I’m thrilled to say I have overcome that block. I’ve used my summer “downtime” and reworked my website to provide small branding improvements, additional workflows, and expanded service offerings.

The Services page is the key change. While I will continue to do contract work with flexible tasks and terms, I am rolling out specifically-scoped projects for several of the key needs I see from small businesses.

  • Strategic AI
    With the rise of AI-enabled tools, many businesses are unsure if or how they should begin working with this technology. This service will provide time to assess the potential for AI in your organization and determine the costs and benefits.
  • Technology Roadmap
    Many small businesses got started and progressed without a specific strategy regarding the technical tools they’re using their security, or their workflows. This service will allow us to take stock of what your company is doing and reassess for a unified technology strategy, and a vision for the future.
  • Get It Done
    This is a service for planning and then dedicating blocks of time for working through a technical issue or setting up an operational workflow for your business.

The final item is my new subscription-based service, Your Technology Partner.

This service is really the culmination of what I envisioned when I started Marit Digital, hoping to create ongoing connections and support for small businesses that are uncertain about their digital processes and tools. Other business owners might not even be aware of the simple improvements that can save their teams time, and improve the digital experiences for themselves and their customers.

The Your Technology Partner subscription includes,

  • 2x monthly Office Hours (one in-person and one virtual) for questions and best practices
  • Monthly Emerging Tech Insights Newsletter
  • Access to all class resources including videos, transcripts, slides, and Resource Pages
  • Monthly troubleshooting call (by appointment)
  • 10% Discount on Marit Digital services and training; 15% off hourly and fixed-rate contract work

Please reach out if you have any questions about any of these Services and thanks for reading!