New Year, Newsletter

Starting this company I have been reluctant to get into too many social channels and outreach endeavors lest I overextend myself. That said, I still have LinkedIn, a YouTube channel, a Twitter account, and I’ve been doing monthly office hours at Blush. So it’s not like I’m not communicating with people.

At some point, I kept coming up with things I wanted to tell people, but without a good way to communicate them. Little snippets, tips, and stories. I’ve managed plenty of email lists in my career, and sent irregular messages, but never done a routine newsletter. But the new year, they say, is for new things so here we go.

I’m still hunting a bit for a good name and concept but my newsletter will be delivered twice monthly and include tips, stats, and stories. These will be tech-adjacent, but may also be information generally useful for business owners. Or just things I find fascinating.

I get a lot of emails and I’m very sensitive to how overwhelming it can be, both in the information and the time it takes to review. I pledge to provide as much value as possible in these messages. I hope you’ll consider joining me!


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