It’s a mobile world and we’re just living in it

If you aren’t looking at your website on mobile devices and tablets you’re missing out. 

Even though it’s 2023 and we should all be considering the mobile experience, it still too often gets overlooked in favor of the shiny desktop design. According to Google [1], the average mobile webpage takes 15.3 seconds to load. You can imagine what that does for your bounce rate. (Hint: It does bad things.)

While you can build a custom mobile experience via an app, many users prefer a website to avoid downloading yet another app.[2] And don’t forget, some portion of Google’s ranking algorithm considers how your site measures up on mobile. It’s critical that you keep an eye on this most delicate of interactions – the mobile and/or tablet experience. 

If you haven’t tested out your site on mobile in a while it might be time to take another look. You shouldn’t need a wholesale redesign to address mobile priorities, but you should fix any problems and take a look at ways to improve interactions as much as possible.

Tips & Tools

Most of you are using Google Analytics, but are you using the Google Search Console

Google’s Search Console will give you valuable data on how your site is ranking in searches. It also provides data and alerts on your user’s mobile experiences – especially valuable since that plays into how Google ranks you.

Stat of the Week

18.22 billion

The number of mobile devices worldwide by 2025. [3]

This will be an increase of 4.2 billion since 2020.

So many devices to find your content…

TechWire for the Week

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