Can’t miss Autumn Activities

Happy Halloween!

I don’t think I’m the only one around here who is stunned by how quickly fall has gone by. November is tomorrow! And as is usual for the season, there’s lots going on.

AI Cafe

A few months ago my wonderful colleague and friend Sarah Egan Warren reached out to suggest we start a monthly lunch conversation around AI. Each month we pick an article or other content discussing emerging AI trends or insights, then we get together for a virtual lunch to hash out the takeaways. And voilà! AI Café. You can view past articles on our Notion site.

For November, we’re elevating the experience by having the writer (or in this case presenter) of this month’s content join us! I genuinely could not be more thrilled to have the chance to talk to the delightful and insightful Morten Rand-Hendriksen. Morten is a LinkedIn Instructor on technical leadership and development and joins us to talk about his session on “The Ethics of AI.”

Join us November 16th at noon and let’s dive into intriguing AI insights!

New Classes!

I’m thrilled to announce that “What is ChatGPT? An AI Introduction” will be back in-person next month at Blush Cowork. And coming in December, the long-awaited follow-up class on Everyday AI.
Hope to see you there!

Stat of the Week


Look out for a new spam campaign that spoofs Microsoft security notifications using QR codes. Targets of the malicious messages have increased by 2400% since May. [1]

The use of QR codes in phishing messages – now called quishing – allows bad actors to hide suspicious URLs.

Did you miss this month’s Security Fundamentals class? Check out the slides and resources!

News from the Wire

[1] –