Better Business

Those of you who read my newsletter frequently know that I don’t often wax poetic about Marit Digital and what the business means. Forgive me if I take a pause today to share some of the achievements and goals for this year. Accountability FTW!

The Fight to be Better

The first time my husband and I ever got into a heated argument (and frankly, one of the only times) it was about business.

Specifically, my husband has a fairly cynical vision of capitalism and business motivations (i.e., greed) that, at the time of our initial argument and occasionally since, has made me despair for the human race. I’m exaggerating. Slightly.

When the time came for me to start Marit Digital I wanted to make sure I built a different kind of business. In part because it has always been a priority for me that I leave my customers better off than I found them – both with better solutions, but also more knowledge and capability. And in part to show my husband he’s wrong. (:D) I believe there can be a better kind of business. One that practices “compassionate capitalism”, and seeks to improve their community, and the world at large.

Yesterday I released my first Impact Report, spanning 2023-24. I’m so pleased to share some of the things I’ve done in service of my original goals and to share the plan for what’s to come.

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The Stats

  • 2022 client count: 5
  • 2023 client count: 17
  • Average client rating: 4.92 (out of 5)
  • 10+ hours of free training in 2023
  • Women and BIPOC partnerships: 53% of our clients and 25% of our vendors

The Goals

  • More Women and BIPOC partnerships
  • More local partnerships
  • Track positive change for clients
  • More donations (in time and money) to tech and environmental organizations

Articles and Insights