Announcing Office Hours!

When I started Marit Digital I imagined that I would be able to work with anyone, anywhere. My past work – even pre-pandemic – frequently involved remote meetings and either remote colleagues or clients or both. My last company was 100% remote and none of my clients were even in my time zone, so it seemed likely to me that I would continue that trend.

Now, a mere five months later, I have realized that I am deeply invested and interested in supporting my local community. The networking I’ve done has mainly been in-person and I have discovered that there are many small businesses, non-profits, and solopreneurs who need help right here in North Carolina. While I’m certainly not opposed to helping those in other parts of the country (or in other countries!) I’ve found plenty of need right at my doorstep.

With the issue of distance removed, and a renewed focus on supporting my community, I realized I wanted to find a way to make myself available to those who weren’t sure how to start – who really just needed to talk things through. With “partnership” as one of my key values, I needed a place to begin to build those relationships and provide support without barriers. And while the pandemic has done great things in allowing people to recognize the value of working from home, there are times when sitting down side-by-side to work through a problem or explain a concept is still the preferred way to move forward.

With that in mind, I’m very pleased to announce that I’m partnering with Alison Campbell Rogers of Blush Cowork in Cary, NC to offer open office hours!

Blush cowork logo

“Tech Time” will be a monthly 3-hour block during which I will be available at the Blush Cowork office for folks to stop by and ask questions or work through IT issues. There will be no charge for Tech Time, we’ll simply be some folks talking through your problem. If it turns into a bigger issue that needs more time we can talk about my costs for completing the work, or consider a “Get It Done” consulting window, but my goal will always be to at least find a short-term fix and recommend future steps if needed.

To start out with we’ll be trying office hours once a month. I hope you’ll join me Friday, November 18th from 9am until noon. If you can’t make that date I’ll be back on December 16th and January 20th. I hope to see you there!